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About our company

1. How long has Lemmik Mees been operating?

We have been lucky and able to enjoy our work for already ten years. Lemmik Mees OÜ was established in 2004 and has been successfully operating to this day. We plan to continue also as successfully in the future.

2. Where could our products be seen?

We are located in the middle of South Estonian nature, just 8 km from Otepää in the village of Sihva. For precise guidance, have a look at our location on the map. Also, we have sales places in Finland (drive-in sales place) and Germany and distributors in 9 countries.

3. How do the products of Lemmik Mees differ from others?

We are fans of sauna and manufacture our products by ourselves, i.e. we are not intermediaries. We always show consideration when the clients have special requests, for example if something needs to be made longer or shorter. Our experience and quality is described by the fact that we have manufactured more than 1000 saunas and 4500 bath barrels.
We keep up to date and follow the development of technology. Thanks to substantial volume and modern technology we are able to manufacture our products with high quality and reasonable price.
Our product innovation is carried out on the basis of the feedback of clients and is not based on the requests of the financial manager. All saunas are made of thermal wood which is not decomposing or germinating – this is really of high quality and resistant.
Each product is made based on the principle that our sauna fans with high requirements would be pleased to use these products at home. We focus on the resilience and comfort of the products and do not save up on details.

Raw material and materials – how to protect wood?

1. How do we treat wood?

We use nature-friendly Woodex’ Wood Oil for treating the material. The wood oil protects the wood from dinginess, splitting and soiling. By requiring very long life for the product, we suggest to retreat the wooden surfaces annually with Woodex wood oil.

2. Which are the materials of sauna that can be ordered?

Which colour tones can be chosen? Colourless, brown, grey and translucent tones. In case of special request, please contact our sauna specialist.

Thermal wood – what is thermal wood?

1. What is thermal wood?

The wood is treated at the temperature of over 190°C for manufacturing our products to improve the rotting and weather proofness and thermal insulation of wood and decrease the expansion of wood due to humidity. High temperature separates resin from wood which makes the use of products even more convenient. The thermally treated wood is an environment-friendly and natural product. The production process is carried out only upon the impact of heat and water steam. No chemicals are used in the production process.

2. How to make thermal wood?

The wood temperature is fast raised to about 100 °C with the help of special equipment, after that the temperature rises already slower. The used raw wood should be pre-dried at least by 12%. The separating water steam functions as protective gas, by hindering the splitting of wood and influencing the chemical changes made in wood. The humidity percent of wood falls almost to zero. The wood used in our products has been thermally treated at over 190 °C. After heating the temperature is lowered carefully and wood is ready for manufacture.

3. What is the thermal wood more used for?

Thermal wood is used mainly indoors for manufacturing walls, ceilings, floors, saunas, furnishings and furniture. Outdoors thermal wood can be used at the facades of buildings and structures of yard area and by making the joinery (e.g. doors, windows, furniture).

Barrel saunas and tube sauna – what should I know?

1. What should I know about barrel sauna?

You can have it there where you wish. The saunas of Lemmik Mees are fit for almost each ground, but we recommend to follow that the base ground under sauna were stable and firm. The already existing summerhouse or garden is mostly suitable as a base ground and no extra works need to be done.

2. Is sauna complicated to be installed and set up?

No. The saunas of Lemmik Mees are complete sets and ready to use, just place the accompanied heater and chimney on their place (see the installation instruction, accompanied with the product), add stones (not included in the set, could be found in our product choice) and start making steam. Special tools and skills are not needed in installing the sauna which makes this especially convenient for its user. The installation of the heater and chimney can take up to 2 hours.

3. Do you make also tailor-made products?

We are always open to challenges and, if required, we can make the sauna more particular. The tailor-made solutions have extra price.

4. How long do tube saunas and barrel saunas of Lemmik Mees last?

As known, no sauna manufactured by us has ended up broken. The lifetime of sauna is 10-20 and even more years which we dare to promise. After that you should maybe start thinking about new sauna of Lemmik Mees. To improve the durability, we recommend to maintain the sauna each year with weatherproof wood preserving agent.

5. Do I need a building permit for sauna?

The saunas of Lemmik Mees do not need a building permit, but in certain cases the city or rural municipality government needs to be notified of the installation of the product. Make an inquiry to the local government just in case. Prior to installing the sauna to the softer ground, prepare the base for sauna stand according to the drawing (sent after the order is registered). If required, ask advice from the sauna specialist of Lemmik Mees regarding the specific location and installation.

6. Does sauna need electricity?

The romantics can cope with the light gleaming from the door of sauna heater burning in the sauna of Lemmik Mees. Our exclusive saunas with LED-light consume regular 220 V electricity. We recommend the user of such sauna to connect it to the power network so that one can make steam at the nice sauna light. We recommend to let the licensed electrician take the current to the sauna and draw attention to the safety.

7. Which are the sauna usage expenses?

The saunas of Lemmik Mees are economical. The exact expense depends on the use, but a couple of heater-full wood is spent during one sauna time. The decent host or hostess washes the sauna lightly with water after its use. We recommend to wash the sauna floors and platform with water or soda water from time to time to preserve the healthy and enjoyable microclimate.

8. How many persons does the sauna accommodate?

Our smallest sauna easily accommodates 4 persons, although we have heard that more than 10 persons have been in the sauna at the same time. The platform of our biggest sauna is 4 metres long and accommodates at least 14 sauna fans.

9. How do sauna and alcohol match?

We recommend not to drink alcoholic drinks before going to sauna and on the sauna platform, as this influences blood pressure and functioning of heart and could damage health. But a couple of cold beers after sauna taste great and is allowed.

10. How hot can the sauna be heated?

Temperature depends on the intensity of heating and is chosen by you. In general the minimum temperature could be 60 degrees and maximum 120 degrees. Our favourite temperature in sauna and that of many others is 80-85 degrees.

11. What is barrel sauna and tube sauna?

The bath barrel, vertical sauna-steam room as well as horizontal sauna – tube sauna – are called barrel sauna as people say. Good barrel sauna has many names, nice pastimes are these all. Our product choice includes vertical saunas, i.e. steam rooms and oval saunas, horizontal saunas, i.e. tube saunas and barrels with water, i.e. bath barrels. All barrel saunas made by Lemmik Mees are ready to use, being a real entertainment for children as well as for larger group of people to celebrate red-letter days or spend a relaxing weekend?

12. How long does it take to heat the sauna?

The sauna heating time depends foremost on the ambient temperature. It takes more time when the ambient temperature is -20 degrees than in case of +10 degrees. Though, it could take in average 1-2 hours to make a good steam.

13. What good can sauna do to our health?

Sauna has great impact on emotions. After sauna you feel yourself happy and airy. You sleep well.
Sauna relieves the body of the metabolic residues and helps the body to live naturally. By moderate heat and sweat a lot of hazardous substances can be withdrawn from the body and afterwards these can be replaced with pure substances, e.g. with healthy food and drink.
The sauna heat destroys infectious micro-organisms. Sauna improves the functions of heart and blood supply of all organs. Sauna activates the blood reserve. Did you know that the human being has 5-6 litres of blood in the heart and blood veins and 1 litre in reserve. Just this one litre activates. Sauna helps to dissolve cholesterol. Cholesterol together with other residues accumulates to the walls of blood veins which thicken and become narrower. By regular steam cholesterol “dissolves”. Sauna improves immunity. The toughening of body and getting it accustomed to heat and cold favours the mobilization of body, i.e. adapting to different conditions.
The major advantage of sauna before bath is that the body gives heat away in sauna. In the bath the body acquires heat and thus the body sweats after bath. In sauna the body sweats and gives heat away at the same time which is good for the weight.
The antique doctor and scientist Hippocrates believed that sauna helps when nothing else helps. Great opinion!

Bath barrels – information on bath barrels

1. Which accessories can be used in the bath barrel?

The limit is creativity. All etheric oils and salts are enhancing enjoyment and healing effects. We recommend using the oils and salts meant for use only in bath, as other products could react surprisingly.

2. How long guarantee can you give to the bath barrel?

We would lie if we said that we give a lifelong guarantee. Nothing is everlasting and therefore we give one-year guarantee for our products. This is sufficient to protect you from unexpected situations. If any of our products or part of the product breaks down due to the circumstances not dependent on you, we will do our best to find a prompt solution to the situation.
We have made more than 5500 sauna products and by today (2016) only 1 product has needed replacement and this due to the error of the producer of the wood maintenance agent.

3. Does Lemmik Mees also make tailor-made bath barrels?

We are always open to challenges. If our e-shop lacks choices, please contact us and we will find a special solution for you. In case of tailor-made order also take extra price into consideration.

4. Why to buy a bath barrel?

The keyword is surely relaxation. Bath barrel is like a home spa which relaxes, gives energy and is a good place to let the steam out and spend time with family and friends. You can take a bath in the fresh air with every kind of weather and during every season.
* Warm water relaxes muscles and decreases muscle tension. * Bathing keeps your mind relaxed and alert. * Relaxed and alert mind is very highly valued at work and in family life.

5. What is worth to follow and know at first use?

As wood is a natural material, minor leakage is a normal phenomenon. After the first heating and filling with water the bath barrel becomes waterproof and wood thicker. Wood requires little time to suck the water into itself and expand.
Please strictly follow the priority of actions when using the barrel:
Before starting to heat at least the required water level should be achieved in the barrel (marked as a flange on the heater) and the barrel expanded (having no leak any more). After the end of the first procedure the fire can be lit in the heater. Depending on the season 2-4 hours could be spent to warm up the water to 35-36 degrees. During heating place the cover on the barrel and mix water from time to time.

6. How to maintain the bath barrel?

After emptying the bath barrel the latter could be brushed from inside or the pressure washer can be used. The use of chemicals is not recommended. Remember that to avoid mold, the cover of the bath barrel should be kept off while the barrel is not in use. Good air circulation ensures long-term durability.

7. What is a good base ground for bath barrel?

With the best will, bath barrels can be installed everywhere. It should be though considered that the barrel full of water could weigh about two tons and it is reasonable to choose flat and more solid ground.

8. When is the right time to empty the bath barrel?

It is most appropriate to clean the barrel and let the water out when the heater has fully cooled down.

9. How hot will the water become?

The enjoyable temperature is 35-38 degrees.

10. How to heat the bath barrel efficiently?

Fill the bath barrel with water by using e.g. garden hose. Remember that the bodies also raise the water level and also leave some empty space, but follow that the water level would be at least 5 cm higher of the heater. Never heat an empty bath barrel!

11. How to keep the water clean in the bath barrel?

The easiest way is to regularly change the water, and in addition relevant granules or filters could be also used.

12. How to avoid cracks and contraction?

Wood is a natural material the properties of which change according to temperature. In case of hot weather we recommend to keep the water in the bath barrel, as an empty bath barrel and burning sun could cause unnoticeable leakages and cracks.

13. Could the water in the bath barrel freeze?

Yes. When the weather is cold we recommend to let the water out of the barrel and tubes after bathing, so you avoid the damages and the lifetime of the barrel is longer. Though the bath barrel can be also used with high minus degrees, it is most important that you let the water out of the barrel after bathing.

14. Could the bath barrel be used all the year round?

Of course, our favourite season is winter. Bathe whenever you like.

15. How long does it take to heat the bath barrel?

2-4 hours in average. The time of heating foremost depends on the weather conditions and size of the barrel. It is reasonable to put a cover on the bath barrel during heating, as this slows down vaporization and cooling of water.

16. How often should the water in the bath barrel be exchanged?

We recommend to exchange the water at least in 1-2 weeks to have an enjoyable experience.

17. How long is an average lifetime of the bath barrel?

The decently maintained and weather-protected bath barrel lasts usually for 10-15 years. The bath barrels with plastic interior last even longer and the plastic interior can be renewed at any time. People also talk about up to 50-year old bath barrels. 🙂

18. What are the bath barrels made of?

We make the bath barrels mostly from the Siberian larch and fir imported from the surrounding of Baikal which gives our product a long-lasting life and nice look. Larch is used as an alternative of the treated timber and its properties improve in time. Larch heartwood contains a lot of resin and tannin which make the wood especially durable and decay-proof.

19. How many persons can the bath barrel accommodate?

The bath barrels have seats installed which accommodate 6-9 persons to sit in the barrel of regular size. There is an intermediate grid to avoid the contact with the hot heater. The edge of the bath barrel is covered with edge board where the food and drinks, candles etc can be placed. The wooden ladder or stairs can be used to enter the bath barrel.

20. What is included in the set of bath barrel?

The full set of bath barrel includes in general: *wooden barrel with the size of 150-240 cm
*aluminium heater resistant to seawater with 200 cm chimney
*wooden seats
* partition (by model with internal heater)
*edge board
The bath barrel has been treated with natural substance which hinders the formation of mold and bacteria and extends the lifetime of the barrel.

21. What is a bath barrel?

Bath barrel is a round wooden barrel including a heater for warming up the water. The heater is resistant to seawater and it is heated with wood. Thanks to the size of the heater, it warms the water in the bath barrel fast, depending on the weather it takes 2-4 hours to warm up the water. The two-metre bath barrel accommodates about 2.5 m3 of water.
Warm water relaxes the body and muscles get rid of tension. To increase the enjoyment ordinary sea salt, herb extracts or a couple of drops of etheric oils (grape, juniper, fencol that improve metabolism and lymph circulation) can be added to the water. Herb treatment is healthy for the body, mind as well as senses.

22. What are the advantages of bath barrel?

The bath barrel can be installed absolutely everywhere (home garden, roof of the apartment building, ship deck etc). The bath barrel is good-looking, simple, economical and nature-friendly means of relaxation, not to mention the healthy benefits.

Transport – how is the sauna delivered to me?

1. What is the cost of transport and how much time does it take?

The transport of tube sauna within Estonia costs 1,20 euros/km. The price includes lifting service and value-added tax. In case of transport to islands, the fee of the ferry ticket is added to the price. The transport of bath barrel within Estonia costs up to 120 euros/piece. The transport to islands costs up to 150 euros/piece. The prices include value-added tax. When going to collect the goods by oneself to the address of Lemmik Mees, we lift the goods on your transport vehicle without extra fee. We still recommend to order the transport of Lemmik Mees to preserve the full guarantee terms and pass the whole process as conveniently as possible.

2. How is the bath barrel transported?

The most convenient and common method is to order the bath barrel transport of Lemmik Mees. This means that the sauna specialists of Lemmik Mees deliver the bath barrel to your homeyard. Also, you will get the valuable tips and useful hints how to set up the bath barrel fast as ready to use. The other option is to come and get the bath barrel by oneself. We lift it with pleasure on your transport vehicle.

3. How fast will the tube sauna or bath sauna be delivered?

If the product is in stock, the transport within Estonia takes up to 3 days. If the required product is not in stock, the product will be delivered within up to 2 weeks.

4. How are the tube and bath saunas transported?

The most convenient and common method is to order the sauna transport of Lemmik Mees. This means that the sauna specialists of Lemmik Mees deliver the sauna to your homeyard and lift it with the crane attached to the truck to the place required. The other option is to come and get the bath barrel by oneself. We lift it with pleasure on your transport vehicle.

Payments – how to pay for sauna?

1. Can the goods be purchased by instalments?

Yes, absolutely. The partner of Lemmik Mees as to instalment is LHV Pank. For more specific terms, please contact client support of LHV at 6802 700.

2. How can the goods be paid for?

At the moment it is possible to order the appropriate product in e-shop and pay the invoice directly in one’s home bank. Pursuant to registration of the order in e-shop the invoice and the order preview are automatically sent to your e-shop address. After the invoice is paid, your order will be dealt with and, if required, you will be contacted.

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