Lemmik Mees about itself

We started our activities at the end of 2004 with the production of wooden bath barrels and sawn timber.

Thanks to flexible production we can also satisfy the special requests of the clients. Most of our clients are private persons, holiday centres and distributors in home country as well as abroad.

Your Lemmik Partner
Kalev Lemmik

What is important to us?


To hold the flag of sauna culture high and pursue towards new challenges.



We wish to have on-going innovation in sauna culture. Particularly we like to invent new things and launch these at the market, surely in cooperation with our good clients. Our mission is to be always at the halfway and never to arrive…



We value trust – if this exists and is mutual, everything is going smoothly. We value specificity and consistency and our leisure time that we wish to spend with family and friends. Often just in sauna.

How did we start and where are we today?


The idea of establishing the company originated directly from nature. The first contact with bath barrel took place in the tundras of Lapland where the barrel was gaining major popularity at that time. There is no more enjoyable experience full of excitement than to follow the play of polar lights in the relaxing bath barrel. There is no noble and grander feeling than to admire the view to Mont Blanc from the glass window of aromatic sauna room.

The same way as the mountains embody majestic energy, mysticism, vigour and determination, our products bear the names of almighty mountains with respect. The initial aims were quite modest and originated from the big wish to produce one barrel a day. The latter goal turned fast into a growth with the annual production of over 800 products a year. In addition to bath barrels different sauna models were added to the production from year to year. Although our product choice today satisfies also the dreams of the most demanding sauna gourmand, we still daily deal with the top-level product development and innovation.
We have distributors in 9 countries. The progress is measurable.

We are born happily, as every day we can do what we like: promote sauna culture and bring more joy to each day of people!

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Who and Where

We are in the middle of beautiful south Estonia nature, you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Lemmik Mees OÜ
Sihva Otepää parish
67301 Valgamaa
+372 529 5948


Gen Alev (estonian, english)
Sales Manager
Tel: +372 510 9701

Kalev Lemmik (estonian, finnish)
Manager, Owner
Tel: +372 529 5948

Aivar Allev
Production Manager
Tel: +372 53 544 595

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