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Tube saunas

Camping houses

Hot tubs

Oval saunas

Steam rooms

Why to make this choice?

Strong and durable
All saunas have been made of strong and durable thermal wood, processed with nature-friendly and weatherproof wood oil. The sauna is firmly mounted on up to four legs which are even more firmly kept together by several rods of stainless steel.

Great steam
The precondition of good sauna is spaciousness. The saunas of LemmikMees have a separate room for each activity and steam is just great, as sauna is well-ventilated and the round steam room distributes the heat evenly.

Quality timber from the surroundings of Baikal
We import only quality timber from the surroundings of Baikal and carry out the thermal treatment in our sauna plant. Each detail gets the worthy finishing touch and the finished product is future-proof and nice to look at.

Continuous innovation
You just do not buy sauna, but the experience comprising experiences of thousands of clients and their feedback. Our product innovation is possible thanks to client feedback and is not proceeding from the requirements of the financial manager.

We are honest
Lemmik Mees is not an intermediary, but produces everything by itself, devoting fully to the client’s satisfaction. Major quantities and more than 10 years of production experience have made us efficient and you can enjoy it. More quality with more favourable price!