Barrel saunas, bath barrels, steam rooms, tube saunas from us!
Lemmikmees OÜ

Top-level quality
and motivating price

The spacious saunas with lots of accessories which are ready for sale, installation and making the steam. .

The relaxing, resistant and good-looking bath barrels are available with solid wood as well as plastic interior.

Additional products and accessories made with special attention and care that are suitable for your homes.

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    Possible to see the product also before purchase!

    Come and get it by yourself or order transport to your homeyard. It is as simple as that.

    Lemmik Mees delivers the sauna or bath barrel right to your homeyard, exactly where you need. If required, you can come and get the product by yourself.

    High-quality saunas and bath barrels directly from the Estonian producer

    Saunas and bath barrels for the real sauna fan!

    Sauna is a lifestyle and pleasure. You feel it already with the first steam...