Saunas and bath barrels for true lovers

of sauna tradition 

Lifestyle. Tradition. Quality

 Fast delivery to your home

We have been crafting saunas and bath barrels for over 10 years

We use durable thermally treated wood

Project name: “Kevadmess 2019” EU 53163

High quality saunas and bath barrels from Estonia


Spacious and extraordinary saunas, which are ready to take a bath with family or friends


Relaxing, durable and good-looking bath barrels are available with both solid wood and plastic insides


Specially crafted products and accessories that fit to your home spa

We use thermally treated wood for our products

Ο Strong like steel

Ο Durable against mold

Ο Easy to maintain

Every detail is finished by a passionate sauna fanatic.

Sauna is a lifestyle, sauna is for pleasure

That’s why we devote special attention to every detail.

You already feel it with the first second.

Your own eye is king. Come and see the product before buying.

We look forward seeing you.

Smell and touch the products and see what we’re talking about.

Come and pick up or order a transport to your home. Everything is fast and easy.

LemmikMees will bring the product right at your home, exactly where you want it.

If you wish, you can also come and pick up the product yourself.

Why do you need a sauna? What good does sauna do?

Sauna trains and hardens the body, and at the same time it is just a great place to relax and turn off everyday problems.

What makes our products special?

This is what our clients say

High standards

Durable thermally treated wood, natural treatment materials and full devotion to small details.

Customizable products

You can change and improve your products as you like. Lenght, width, personal accessories – your choice

Value for money

Despite our high standards, we keep prices realistic. You get more than you pay.

Book your time and come have a look on site

+372 510 9701

Who and Where

We are in the middle of beautiful south Estonia nature, you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Lemmik Mees OÜ
Sihva Otepää parish
67301 Valgamaa
+372 529 5948


Gen Alev (estonian, english)
Sales Manager
Tel: +372 510 9701

Kalev Lemmik (estonian, finnish)
Manager, Owner
Tel: +372 529 5948

Aivar Allev
Production Manager
Tel: +372 53 544 595

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Good to know

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