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Spacious and extraordinary saunas, which are ready for resale, installation and enjoying.

Bath barrels

Relaxing, durable and good-looking bath barrels are available with both solid wood and plastic insides


Specially crafted products and accessories that fit to your clients home spa

High quality products and motivating price

LemmikMees products are made according to high quality requirements and are durable.
Prices for resellers are motivating.

Deadlines are just as important as air and water

Ο We trust you and you can trust us

Ο Deadlines are respected

Ο Agreements are executed

Product prices are motivating and profitable

Cooperation with LemmikMees is easy and motivating.

All dealers get a motivating purchase price and the sale price is yours to determine.

Partners praise fast delivery times and convinient logistics

Your job is to arrange transport to our production facility. Then we load the goods and it is on the way.

How does the ordering process look like?

You can order products directly from our website on the basis of a personal price list, but you can always call or send your requests via email. Easy.

International opportunity

Sauna culture is a fast growing and luxurious trend. There are still many pearls in the world and untouched markets, where you can export our products.

Submit a resale request

You have the opportunity to sell top quality saunas and bath barrels around the world. We will give you the motivationg buy-in price and the selling price is up to you..

Ο Safe and controlled quality

Ο Easy and convinient collaboration

Ο Get a personal price list

Ο You set the selling price

Ο Fast delivery times

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We are in the middle of beautiful south Estonia nature, you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Lemmik Mees OÜ
Sihva Otepää parish
67301 Valgamaa
+372 529 5948


Gen Alev (estonian, english)
Sales Manager
Tel: +372 510 9701

Kalev Lemmik (estonian, finnish)
Manager, Owner
Tel: +372 529 5948

Aivar Allev
Production Manager
Tel: +372 53 544 595

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